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Key highlights of the program

Identify the purpose of your profile

Build a social media content strategy and vision

Harness the power of words with visual elements

Craft copy that results in direct conversions

Use tools to benchmark competitors and measure success

Course Breakdown

Part 1 : 9th - 13th May

Create a social media content strategy that wins

Session 1 | 9 May | 5-7 P.M

Writing purposeful content

Writing content that converts

Identifying tone, purpose, and pace

Organising your ideas

Writing effective, emotion-led headlines


Session 2 | 10 May | 5-7 P.M

Crafting sentences that sing

Techniques to stir up emotion

Tips for persuasive writing

CTAs that get people to take action

Building trust with visual elements

Writing landing pages, emails, captions, video scripts, and press releases

Session 3 | 11 May | 5-7 P.M

Creating a profile that stands out

Understanding guidelines & purpose

Aligning the TG, core message, and best practices

Types of Instagram posts - feed, story, video, etc.

Industry terminology - likes, shares, reach, etc.


Session 4 | 12 May | 5-7 P.M

Building a strategy that slays

Translating the account’s identity into a social media strategy

Ideating and creating engaging content

SEO and keyword research

Soliciting user-generated content

Creating a content marketing calendar


Session 5 | 13 May | 5-7 P.M

Parameters for success

 Reviewing the marketing calendar

Using tools for comparison

Setting campaign objectives

Setting measurement metrics for campaigns


Part 2 : 16th - 20th May

Shoot stunning photos and videos with your smartphone

Session 1 | 16 May | 5-7 P.M

The basics of mobile photography

A guide on frames and angles for different stills

Using equipment to enhance lighting and frames

What to keep in mind when shooting indoors vs. outdoors

Steps and tips to clicking perfect shots

Project: Shoot an interest piece (photo-story)

Session 2 | 17 May | 5-7 P.M

Plandid & editing essentials

What Plandids are and how to click them

Snapseed & Lightroom: LIVE demo

Switching from photography to videography


Session 3 | 18 May | 5-7 P.M

Winning with amazing Instagram videos

Why the world is moving to a video-heavy content strategy

Understanding what makes video content go viral

Types of videos and when to use them - vlogs, live action, tutorials, etc.

Camera movements while shooting: why and how



Session 4 | 19 May | 5-7 P.M

Telling a story through videos

Using equipment to enhance lighting and sound

How to build a story and bring your vision to life

Project: Shoot an interest piece (video-story)


Session 5 | 20 May | 5-7 P.M

Editing essentials

 InShot: LIVE demo

Smartphone apps to shoot videos


Part 3 : 23rd - 27th May

Learn how to grow your followers on social media

Session 1 | 23 May | 5-7 P.M

A reels strategy that slays

How to gain 1,000s of organic followers in 2 weeks

Mistakes that are holding you back

Why are reels a must -have strategy?

Different types of reels

Session 2 | 24 May | 5-7 P.M

Content and shooting hacks

Reel content hacks

Shooting hacks to remember

Creating show-stopping reels with transitions

Session 3 | 25 May | 5-7 P.M

Posting reels that go viral

 Editing reels like a pro

The basics of posting - best practices, timing, etc.

How to go viral

Session 4 | 26 May | 5-7 P.M

Optimise your channel content

Understanding the YouTube algorithm

Optimising your channel description, banners etc.

SEO tips for video uploads

YouTube marketing tools you need- vidIQ, SEM Rush


Session 5 | 27 May | 5-7 P.M

Grow your subscribers

Using YouTube shorts to grow your audience

YouTube live: What it is and how to use it

Why you need YouTube premier

Diverting traffic to your video


About the program

More than half the WORLD currently uses social media, which means with the right strategy, copy, and marketing efforts, you have the potential to reach 4 billion people.

With access to this level at our fingertips, jobs in social media are booming, with salaries constantly on a rise!

Whether you’re freelancing, working in a startup, or a traditional corporate, this program equips you with everything you need to know about making it on social media.

By the end of this women-only, 15-day program, the assignments, live sessions, and expert guidance will leave you feeling confident to take up any social media role, no matter the industry. Get started, and be ready to succeed!

Learn From The Experts

Sharin Bhatti

Former Content Strategist, Kool Kanya


Content creation & communications

Dhruv Prakash

Fashion & Beauty photographer


Shoots for social media influencers

Tanisha Bhansali

Instagram Coach and Consultant


Instagram growth strategies

Harshith Bangera

Performance Marketing Specialist


Cross-platform & e-commerce marketing

Who is this for

Aspiring social media managers, marketers, or writers

Media professionals or students looking to upskill

Marketers who want to increase their earning potential

Entrepreneurs who want to promote their brand on social media

Once you’re done with this course, those offers won’t stop coming

Get Certified!

Official and Verified

Receive a certificate with the Kool Kanya logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects

Easily Shareable

Add the certificate to your CV or your resume or post it directly on LinkedIn. You can even post it on Instagram.

Enhances Credibility

Use your certificate to enhance your professional credibility and stand out among your peers!

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Love For KoolKanya Programs

PowerPass makes me feel supported in my journey and the personal touch of calls and check-ins is so different from my previous experiences in content creation courses where the instructors seemed rude and condescending.

Sharbani Suresh

I love PowerPass, it’s amazing! It has helped me a lot and I will continue to learn from it and probably earn from it.

Nishigandha Mahajan

I joined PowerPass to learn more about marketing and to hone my skills and I believe with all the workshops conducted by Kool Kanya I'll be able to do so.

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